Monday, November 7, 2016

I'm still here!

Whoops, forgot about ya for a second there, blog.

From visiting 4 different countries (and counting!), to my first major install for Second Story (and my first travel install, AND my first Detroit winter - separate post to come), to buying a home and adopting a fur-kid, to finally settling in and growing to love/getting to know Atlanta all over again, it's been quite an eventful year and a half-ish! Travel posts are definitely to come (NYC, Costa Rica, France, India, Japan, and in a few weeks, Peru), but this one's Halloween-related.

 Each year, our parent company, Sapient, has the parents of the office bring their kids to go Trick-or-Treating in the office. Typically Second Story sits the holiday celebrations out; we'll all make a cursory appearance at whatever holiday party, mingle a bit, eat some food, then disappear back to our corner to resume working. This year marked the first year that Second Story actually participated in any of the festivities.

It was a sort of last-minute thing... My co-workers and I had, on multiple occasions, expressed the desire to build a haunted house in our lab, as we have all sorts of curious tech lying around that can be easily re-skinned to be creepy-crawly-scary, but it just never happened. So, I contributed my weird love for organizing/planning things and did the needful to get the ball rolling. I submitted our name to the party planning committee to get us on the kids' route, curated the experiences we'd have in our haunted house, purchased decorations, and finally I recruited some awesome co-workers with more passion for all things scary than I to make this thing actually happen.

Between the seven of us, we set up five different experiences as well as some creepy, Halloween-themed decorations around our lab. The haunted house was such a big hit that not only did the kids love it, but the parents had a blast wandering through as well, and we ended up opening the haunted house up to the whole office to visit! Pictures to follow - those are more interesting than reading, anyway. :) Huge, huge shoutout to my co-workers. I may have laid the groundwork, but there's no way the haunted house would have turned out as amazing as it did without everyone's help!
We have an excess of mannequins.

Blood, guts, and bugs, complete with dismembered arm.

Zombies trapped in the multitaction table

The sole casualty: the poor stay-puft marshmallow man

My very talented co-worker drew us a bunch of Halloween art that we used as dividers/guides in the space.

Too soon?

Here we "re-skinned" Ismizer, an installation from the High Museum, by simply adding a Halloween-themed backdrop.

This little guy was entranced by the re-skinned Circuit Touches experience.

Fun with dry ice and projection

Sapient ATL visits the haunted house

A short video tour of the full haunted house. There's audio!
Our makeshift projection setup